Don’t be cruel to animals

It seems to go without saying that if you do not want to take car of a dog, cat or any other pet, you should not get one.

Someone should have informed 28-year-old Manchester resident Megan Ramos-Heredia of this concept. Last week, authorities charged her with cruelty to animals after she allegedly allowed a pitbull to become severely emaciated.

Officials said the 2-year-old dog, Daisy, weighed only 26.2 pounds at the time she was taken to Manchester Animal Hospital for treatment on April 8.

Medical professionals said a 2-year-old pitbull should weigh at least 40 pounds. Moreover, the photo photo provided clearly depicts Daisy’s ribs showing due to the malnourishment.

Eventually, officials took Daisy to the Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester. At the same time, police began an investigation, as they looked at surveillance video of the hospital parking lot, received multiple tips, and conducted interviews.

Authorities eventually determined Daisy was owned by Ramos-Heredia, one of the women who had brought her to the hospital. She has been charged with a misdemeanor, which is punishable by fines and up to a year in jail.

After receiving proper nourishment and care, including antibiotics for a skin problem, Daisy is now doing much better.

Officials said Ramos-Heredia got the dog in December. We don’t know how or why she came into being in charge of Daisy’s health. If Ramos-Heredia lacked the means to care for Daisy, she should have taken the dog to an animal shelter.

We hope not to see more images of animals suffering due to neglect. If you don’t want to take care of your pet, someone else will.