Putnam Pond improvements welcomed

Lyndeborough’s Putnam Pond is a great place to launch a small boat and, given the town’s plans to clear and develop the launching area off of Cemetery Road, it’s going to be an even better place.

Removing dead and dying trees from around the parking area, as suggested by Selectman Fred Douglas, will help to spruce up what is already a nice area.

Eventually, it will be turned into a family oriented picnic area — the dream of the late Selectman Lee Mayhew — and be named for him, a nice tribute for a man who did so much for Lyndeborough and, before that, for Milford when he was town administrator there.

The clearing work will begin this summer and funds for further development will be included in the 2020 town budget.

This is the kind of local planning that all towns should do, especially when they have areas like Putnam Pond and its boat launch area. Good for Lyndeborough’s town fathers for moving ahead on this.

And a photo posted recently on the Milford residents’ Facebook page of what looks like a father and son fishing on Osgood Pond reminds us that Miford should be proud too. The largest body of water in town, until recently the pond was almost entirely covered with weeds. Now it’s a place you can fish, kayak or just relax and watch birds.

There are those who say the money spent on Osgood should have gone to more practical projects like roads and bridges. But to feel whole, human beings need to be in nature some of the time.