Stop littering

One need not look very hard when traversing grocery and convenience store parking lots – and even Greater Nashua’s roadways – to see protective masks and gloves strewn about.

With coronavirus precautions being taken by many in our area – which is a good thing – the downside is an excessive amount of PPE littering parking lots, roadways and even inside stores.

Again, we are thrilled to see so many residents taking these precautions; however, we are sorely disappointed in those who toss these items aside without a thought of who has to clean them up.

Grocery and convenience store clerks, restaurant workers and others have better things to do than to clean up after litter bugs. They deserve better, and considering the yeoman’s work they already are doing, they likely are pretty upset that they have to add yet another task to their already-busy days.

Aside from that, it’s unsanitary. Worst-case scenario, these workers can be exposed to COVID-19, thereby putting them and their families in danger.

Greater Nashua residents – we are better than this. Pick up after yourself and dispose of these items properly. You certainly wouldn’t like it if used masks and gloves were left on your front porch!