High school spring sports preview



COACH: Steve Claire (second year).

LAST SEASON: 4-12, did not make the tournament.

RETURNING STARTERS: Ryan Britton, sr. p-of; Jesse Roode, sr. ss-p; Drew Jepson, jr. 2b; Chris Smith, jr. 3b-DH.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Mitch Roske, sr. of; Trey Hoffhein, sr., 1b.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Seth Hopkins, sr. 1b; Jason Blais, jr.c; Sawyer Trask,jr. Of-p; Mason Gaudette, so., p.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “This is a good group of kids who practice hard and are looking forward to this season,” Claire said. “Playing solid defensively is key for us. Offensively, we need to be aggressive both at the plate and on the base paths.”


COACH: Rick Urda (third season).

LAST SEASON: 2-12, missed D-III playoffs.

RETURNING STARTERS: Adam Audet, jr., goalie; Nick Skinner, jr., defense; Andrew Schoolcraft, so., defense; Liam Shea, jr, attack; Tyler Duball, jr., attack; Evan Wandrey, sr, attack; Max Urda, so., midfield; Ross Briggs, sr, midfield; Harrison Urda, sr, midfield.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kyle Rogers, sr, midfield; Kyle Gagnon, sr, defense; Jack Watton, sr, defense; Gabe Chevalier, jr, midfield; Jamey Sroka, jr, midfield; Travis Hughes, jr, goalie/defense; Stephen Nye, so., midfield.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Mitch Banuskevich, sr, defense; Corey Delage, sr, defense; Willie Miles, sr, midfield.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “We have a good, experienced core of players back from last year that come to practice each day looking to have fun and become better lacrosse players, but more importantly, become better people that are positive influences in their community,” Urda said. “Many of them have been active in the offseason, working on their games, whether it was just a stick in their hands playing catch, or wall ball, or getting involved in summer programs and mid-winter indoor leagues. The boys entered the season with an outstanding attitude from day one. Despite the fact that we have been stuck in small gymnasium, like so many other programs around the state, the boys have concentrated on getting themselves better each day. They understand that they need to push each other in each drill to get themselves better and their teammates better during each rep. We are a group of multi-sport athletes and understand that we are a work in progress. Our goal is to have fun, improve our stick skills, increase communication, and build tactical knowledge each day.”


COACH: Jim Rines (?first year).

LAST SEASON: Lost in quarterfinals.

RETURNING STARTERS: Jen Dupuis, sr., 3B; Katherine Paul?, sr., 1B/OF; Julia Mazzeo?, jr., ???C/OF; Erin Tyrrell??, so., SS/P; Cora Rogers, ??so., ??2B/OF.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kaitlyn Nelson, jr., ???P/OF; Marissa Allen, so., 2B.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Beth Brewer??, sr., C; Kaitlin Fauteux, sr., ??P; Racheal Nelson, fr., ??OF; Delaney Parker, fr., ??P/1B; Jen Carson, fr., ??OF/C; Carley Holtshouser?, fr., ??OF/P.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “We must continue to work on the fundamentals and skills of the game,” first-year Spartans coach Jim Rines said. “Catch, throw, get 21 outs and take care of the ball. Solid pitching and defense will allow us to compete throughout the season. Our offense will be exciting and fun to watch.”


COACH: Paul Bois (fourth season).


RETURNING STARTERS: Kyle Leach, jr.; Niko Giokas, sr.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Gordon Shenk, fr.; Paradon Leelabutra, sr.; Andrew Fuhs, jr.; James Halstead, sr.; Jared Blanc, so.; Alan Brooks, jr.; Mitchell Lepine, fr.; Jack Burnham, so.; Mark Boyd, sr.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “This is a true rebuilding year,” Bois said. “The true key … is mental attitude and a desire to win.”


COACH: Nancy McManus (second season).


RETURNING STARTERS: Maria Romanenko, sr.; Shannon Kolasinski, sr.; Kathryn Shangraw, sr.; Isabelle Rivas, jr.; Courtney LeCuyer, sr.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Sara Szarko, jr.; Carmen Garcia, fr.; Jenny Somsuk, fr.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “This is a team of seasonal players,” McManus said. “I usually measure the success of the team by the improvement that is made from the beginning of the season to the end.”


COACH: Mike Wright (seventh season)

LAST SEASON: Finished second in Division II

RETURNING STARTERS: Brittany Gentilhomme, sr.; Megan Tyrell, sr.; Taylor Fagan, sr.; Angelena Leal, sr.; Aimee Krafft, jr.; Briana Lippitt, jr.; Miranda Couture, jr.; Rebecca Cleary, jr.; Olivia Rougeau, so.; Nicole McMorrow, so.; Olivia Mabbett, so.; Emily Robinson, so.; Shannon Hull, so.; Madison Gagnon, so.; Emily Wood, so.; Hannah Hembrow, so.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Deveny Pitsas, fr.; Alexis Matsis, fr.; Erin McGuire, fr.; Sydney Osorio, fr.; Lauren Nay, fr.; Amy Arena, fr.; Grace Vogel, fr.; Lindsay Wright, fr.; Raven Miles, fr.; Aja Miles, fr.

COACH’S COMMENTS: For the team to have success, Wright believes it will come down to “integrating some key freshmen.”


COACH: Mike Wright (seventh season)

LAST SEASON: Finished in seventh in Division II.

RETURNING STARTERS: Ian Michaud, sr.; Jack Nichols, sr.; Aaron Ladeau, sr.; Alex Tamulonis, sr.; Jimmy Spalding, sr.; David Addington, sr.; Jacob Drescher, sr.; Connor Gosselin, sr.; Even Perron, sr.; Eric Baerenrodt, jr.; Shawn Jewett, jr.; Dustin Post, jr.; Jake Ricca, so.; Tim Tamulonis, so.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Willie Miles, sr.; Max Urda, so.; Mitch Banuskevich, sr.

COACH’S COMMENTS: Wright believes that the “large group of seniors have to score big” for the team to have success in 2014.



COACH: Bill Dod (22nd year)

LAST SEASON: 9-9, lost in quarterfinals.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Thomas Bennett, so.Ss;Bryce Knight, sr. p; Seth Learned,jr. Cf; Chandler MacKenzie, sr. p-of; Stevie Upton, jr., of.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Tucker Aiello, fr. Inf-p; Sam Bannon, so. C; Lyle Bellamy, jr. inf; Max Benevides, fr. Inf-p; George Carlson, fr. C; August Darula, jr. of; Alex Girard, jr. 1b; Joe Grassett, so. 2B/p;, Joe Griffin, jr. inf; Kees Gronstra, jr. 3b; Mike Mancini, so. 2B; Jonathan Robinson, sr. 1b; Ian Towle, jr. p-of; Jerrell Webster, so. P; Travis Woos, jr. p-inf.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “The team has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic as (the players) look to take their individual skill to a higher level,” Dod said. “The strength of the team is the close feeling and strong support each indivdual has for every other member of the team.”


COACH: Brad Bishop (second season).

LAST SEASON: 10-7, lost in semifinals to Pinkerton.

RETURNING STARTERS: Nick King, , sr., goalie; Drew Prescott, sr., defense; Chris DeChambeau, jr., defense; Alex Kuhnert, sr., midfield; Joe Nutting, so., midfield; Chayce Horton, sr., midfield; Blake Burnley, sr., attack; Mack Walker, sr., attack; Mitch Hale, sr., attack.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Brendan Cray, so., attack; Zach Bossi, so., midfield; Wils Ezequelle, jr., midfield; Thomas Lott, jr., midfield; Trevor Barrett, jr., midfield; Keely Beamer, jr., midfield.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Jack Rives, jr., midfield; Taylor Farrow, jr., defense; Foster Burnley, fr., midfield; Alex Burnley, fr., goalie; Finley Morgan, fr., defense.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “We put a lot of emphasis and focus on our defense, slide packages and getting the middies and defensemen to gel as one unit and compete with intensity,” Bishop said. “Offensively. we have a lot of attackmen who can handle the ball and most of our offense will be created by those players. We have so many attackmen, that we have three running offensive middie shifts. We will be looking to create some offense off turnovers/saves and push the ball up field. We’ve been working really hard and look forward to the opportunity to play against other teams and compete. In the offseason, kids lift weights, run, go to clinics and play indoor, but nothing can match the intensity and challenges of playing against other teams that have been doing the same work and we can’t wait to get the 2014 season started.”


COACH: Maren Petropulos (19th year).

LAST SEASON: 17-2, lost to Pinkerton in the final.

RETURNING STARTERS: Taylor Behn, sr., defense; Jocelyn Donohue, sr., midfield; Olivia Durling, sr., attack; Jesse Jay, sr., attack; Mickenzie Larivee, sr., attack; Madison Learned, sr., midfield.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Katie Almeida, jr., attack; Madison Angulas, jr., midfield; Kate Bermingham, so., midfield; Jaimie Cates, so., defense; Allie Chapman, jr., attack; Juliane Donohue, so., defense; Emma Fleuette, jr., defense.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Mea-ghan Allard, fr., goalie; Sami Beaudry, jr., goalie; Emma Estabrook, fr., midfield; Gwen Hale, so., midfield; Brittany Ireland, jr., attack; Casey Johnson, fr., defense; Liz Wilson, jr., attack.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “This year there is a good mix of experience and new talent and the team is being led by six seniors who are demanding as much from themselves as they are from the rest of the group,” Petropulos said. “The chemistry is positive and they are poised and ready to start on April 14th.”


COACH: Andrea Bruneau (sixth season).

LAST SEASON: 8-8, lost in first round.

RETURNING STARTERS: Cori Sousa, sr., 1B; Abrie Davis, sr., 3B; Valerie Mukai, sr., SS; Sam Allen, jr., OF; Kaley Ahern, jr., OF; Jordan Catanuso, jr., OF; Lauren McCormick, jr., C/IF; Hannah Cochrin, so., P/IF; Cassidy Alger, so., 2B/C; Allie Canavan, so., 1B/3B.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Hailey Yabroudy, fr., P/INF.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “Having two strong pitchers, Hannah Cochrin and Hailey Yabroudy, will be great this season so that the workload can be spread out,” sixth-year Sabers coach Andrea Bruneau. “They are both strong fielders as well and will be able to contribute even when they are not on the mound. Last season we were mostly freshman and sophomores and this season we will feel the benefits of those younger players getting so much competitive game time. I expect to rely more on our experience now. Offensively we are very well-rounded. We will need to make sure we leverage the individual strengths of each player. There is a great mixture of girls who hit for power – Abrie Davis, Cori Sousa, Allie Canavan, Hannah Cochrin – girls who rely on speed – Sam Allen, Jordan Catanuso – girls who consistently provide base-hits – Kaley Ahern, Cassidy Alger – and some who have both speed and power working for them – Val Mukai and Lauren McCormick.”


COACH: Leah Morrissey (second season).


RETURNING STARTERS: Maeve Morgan, sr.; Lindsay Moss, sr.; Annie Protzmann, jr.; Bailey Farris, sr.; Natalie Nelson, jr.; Gina Mancini, sr.


COACH’S COMMENTS: “Our focus is to continue to build a motivated and cohesive team,” Morrissey said.



COACH: Paul Trombley (seventh year).

LAST SEASON: 9-7, lost in first round.

RETURNING STARTERS: Patrick Martin, sr., p-of; Brendon Hussey, sr. c; Kyle Pratt, sr. ss-3b; Connor Melrose, jr. p-1b; Drew Reid, jr. of; Matt Alenbert, jr. of; Nolan Steevens, so. Inf-p; Peter Bickerton, so. 2B, Christian Seely, so. P-of.


PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Sean McLure, fr; RJ Humphreys, fr.; Matt Ducharme, fr.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “We have to do a better job offensively,” Trombley said. “We lost several games last year when our pitching staff pitched well enough to win.”


COACH: Denny Claire (28th season).

LAST SEASON: 16-4, lost in final.

RETURNING STARTERS: Ally Schwab, so., C; Sara Holka, so., IF/P; Sami Bosquet, sr., IF; Kim Edmunds, sr., OF; Jenna Bragdon, jr., OF; Sophie Levert, sr., OF.

IF/DH; Lorrie Blais, jr., IF; Zandra Morris, so., IF/OF; Kassy Cavarretta, so., IF/OF; Julie Joyal, so., OF.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS: Olivia McGettigan, so., IF/OF; Lilly Foisie, fr., IF/OF; Lexie Balam, 7th Grade, P/IF/OF.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “Our goal is the same as always,” 28-year Warriors coach Denny Claire said. “Play the game the right way and improve as a team and as individuals.”


COACH: John Williams (second season).


RETURNING STARTERS: Connor Holt, sr.; James Edmunds, sr.; Ryan Christino, jr.; Skye Williams, jr.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: John Lemire, sr.; Matt Ducharme, so.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “We have all six starters returning, so that experience should be a good thing,” Williams said.


COACH: Betsie Sullivan (23rd season).


RETURNING STARTERS: Maddy Bacon, so.; Taylor Webb, jr.; Naomi Wight, so.

OTHER RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Etta Popek, jr.; Suzie Lemire, so.

PROMISING NEWCOMERS:Chelsea Barnes, jr.; Amanda Flanagan, fr.; Tatum Vander-Heyden, fr.

COACH’S COMMENTS: “What represents success is the attitude and commitment that the players come onboard with,” Sullivan said. “When my players give the best effort that they know how and are respectful of their opponents, then I feel that they are successful, win or lose.”