Eagles soccer steps up in class

Because the Nashua Eagles finished in the top four in their division in their inaugural United Professional Soccer League, they’ve been promoted to another higher division, the UPSL’s Pro Premier Division.

“We’ll be participating in the Pro Premier, along with some of the others who have been promoted as well,” owner Jared Barbosa said. “Plus some other notable clubs from New York and New Jersey.”

That will extend the travel for the team. “You’re looking at some travel costs, but we have some good partnerships within the community to work with on that front,” Barbosa said.

What will this mean? The soccer was pretty competitive in the first place, but it will mean that besides chasing a playoff berth, the Eagles will be competing hard to stay in that premier division.

“We’ll be competing one to win the league but also to stay in the Pro Premiere Division,” Barbosa said, “rather than be relegated down to the second division. That will be creating a lot of high intense games, a lot of pressure, lot of excitement for every game.”

If they don’t do well, the Eagles could get knocked back down for the following season. “Exactly,” Barbosa said. “Could be the case.”

What could also be the case is the Eagles attract an even better caliber of player, although what they did attract was pretty good on its own.

“We could,” Barbosa said. “There’s a lot of players around that want to continue playing at a high level.”