Peterson always happy holding court at Milford

MILFORD – Four years ago, a freshman began her tennis career at Milford High School. In 2019, Kami Peterson has begun her final season as a high school athlete.

Kami’s dedication to the sport comes solely from her love of it.

“Honestly my biggest thing about tennis is just have fun, that’s what I tell every single person,” Peterson said.

As a team leader, she encourages her teammates to not think about the score or their opponents and just have fun.

“There are some girls out there who have been playing since they were born, so you’ll really never get to their level in high school,” Peterson said. “So that’s why I don’t even worry about the score, you may only get one game but you worked for that game.”

No matter what the outcome of her match is, she always leaves the court happy with how she performed.

“The score is the last thing on my mind at the end of the day and I’m proud of girls who go out there and try their best,” she said.

Although the win isn’t the most important thing on her mind, she was still a part of last year’s state semifinalist team with a record of 12-4. With Kami being one of the top returning starters, the Spartans hope to be back again this season.

“I knew I definitely wanted to join a sport,” says Peterson reflecting on her freshman year thoughts.

She started by joining two teams to feel them out, tennis being one of them. After stepping on the court, she knew tennis was for her.

A racquet is the most important tool a tennis player has, and Kami’s racquet has a special story.

“For all four years I have been playing with the same racquet, and it’s disgusting and dirty but I kind of love it,” Peterson says with pride.

The racquet she has been using belonged to her mom when she played in high school. Kami’s decision to play tennis has roots connected to her mother’s desire for the game.

Tennis was not an easy sport to pick up quickly.

“I’m still learning every single day,” she says.

However she embraces the challenge and finds joy in it.

Throughout the years Kami has improved greatly in her accuracy and other varied skills, but there is something else she occasionally struggles with during matches.

“My biggest problem that I’ve noticed recently is that I’m too stressed out,” Peterson said. During games, she becomes tense which affects her swing. “I just have to calm down.”

Acknowledging the problem is the first step to fixing it.

In one of her most recent matches, Kami explained how she relaxed her body and focused on her enjoyment. Her results were much improved.

Other than keeping her cool during matches, Peterson provided other techniques she aims to perfect.

“It’s other little stuff you have to work on like aiming, timing and where to position yourself with the ball,” she said. “But it becomes second nature to you really quick.”

Fast forward a few months from now and Kami will be at University of New Hampshire to receive a college education.

With her love for tennis still emerging she hopes to join a club team to continue the tradition while marking her own path at UNH.