Eno completes Eagle project

Bedford’s Kyle Michael Eno, 13, a Boy Scout from Troop 414 and a member of the Bedford Presbyterian Church, celebrated the completion of a 12-foot square storage shed, a structure built at the church as his Eagle project.

Kyle learned a variety of construction skills along the way. He also learned fundraising skills. He secured around $2,000 selling donated baked goods at the church and hot dogs and chips at Sam’s Club. Lowe’s contributed a 10 percent discount on materials.

Kyle, an eighth-grader at Chester Academy, dedicated the shed to his mentor, Ralph Dieter, 80, who currently is an assistant scoutmaster with the troop. Dieter previously was the troop’s longtime scoutmaster and remains one of the troop’s most active members.

Kyle’s dad, Mike Eno, said that Dieter “really impressed Kyle” when Dieter, carrying a full load of gear, backpacked up Mt. Cardigan last spring. The scrub-laden prominence in western New Hampshire offers rigorous challenges due to its abundance of bare granite ledges.

Kyle thanked many people for their help with the project. He credited among them his uncle, Jim Eno, and Eagle adviser Richard Moore, along with Dave and Diane Howes, Steve Carter and others who were mentors throughout the construction phase. He also thanked his current scoutmaster, Brad Schwoerer, and his former scoutmaster, Wesley Reeks, for their help.

“I could not have built the shed without a lot of help,” Kyle said.

Scouts needing some assistance with any upcoming project frequently post a request for help on the troop’s website and send a mass email to the members. Kyle took the method a step further and contacted many of the Scouts by phone. He invited them to join in the project and received an enthusiastic response.

Kyle submitted documentation about the project to Daniel Webster Council for final approval. The Scout has earned many merit badges and awards. He has nearly 100 nights of camping, nearly 100 miles of hiking and more than 100 hours of community service. The feats have been completed in the past three years.

The Boy Scouts of America, Kyle’s parents – Mike and Sara Eno – and the leaders of Troop 414 were positive role models for Kyle. The Scout began working on the Hornaday Conservation award, an award whose acquisition entail completing energy audits and devising ways of conserving energy, saving money and saving natural resources.

Troop 414 has about 65 Scouts, about 20 of them Life-rank Scouts, getting ready to begin Eagle projects. Kyle currently is acting as an Eagle project instructor and helps other Scouts begin their Eagle projects.

The troop meets at the Bedford Presbyterian Church on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. All boys between the ages of 11 and 19 and family members are welcome to visit.

For information about Boy Scout Troop 414, visit www.troop414.org.