Rotary sees swim meet success

They did it again.

For the 52nd time, the Milford Rotary Club put on its annual swim meet at Keyes Memorial Pool and, for the 52nd time, it was a rousing success.

Hundreds of swimmers on 15 teams from all around the area came and swam, and had a great time competing and meeting kids from other swim groups. Even the kids who didn’t come in first often won because many of them achieved personal best times. And that’s what’s most important: Having fun and doing your best and, if you can, getting better each time.

Another nice thing about this meet is that the Rotary invites teams that are not members of the Granite State Swim Association, including the team from Goss Park, of Wilton and Lyndeborough. Those are small towns with small teams, but Goss gets to participate, and that’s great for those kids. The Rotary wants as many kids involved as possible.

While the chairpersons for this year’s meet were Janet Langdeell and Tim Finan, of the Rotary Club, and Jim Rezzarday is meet director for the Granite State Swim Association, we don’t doubt that each of them would, instead of taking credit, heap praise upon their Rotary and Swim Association brethren without whom there would be no coaches, no timers, no folks serving hamburgers and coffee, no folks helping parents and friends find parking spaces.

This meet is a group effort, one of which the Rotary, the Swim Association and Milford can be proud. It includes help from the town’s Recreation and Public Works departments, and several local businesses. Not even a successful Rotary Club can operate without town support, and Milford’s gets plenty.

Kudos all around.

As a plus, the meet got to celebrate the reopening of the entrance to Keyes Park that was closed for more than a year because of the Superfund cleanup nearby. As you drive down Elm Street, take a look at what was once an ugly piece of property. It looks a lot different now.

The next time you’re in the park, take a look at the gorgeous garden at the gazebo, created by retired landscape architect Jerry Guthrie at no cost to taxpayers.

All in all, this 52nd annual swim meet was another success, another win for Rotary, maybe even a personal best.