Join backyard compost campaign for Earth Day

Tired of seeing all of those kitchen leftovers from preparing meals and snacks get thrown out in the trash or eaten by critters in your makeshift composting bin in the backyard? Here’s your chance to turn those scraps into a rich soil amendment.

As part of Earth Day 2012 celebrations, Beaver Brook Association in Hollis is participating in a statewide backyard composting bin sale.

You can order an Earth Machine home compost bin and how-to guide with a combined retail value of $100 for $52 through Beaver Brook Association. The bin is black, has a 10-year warranty, and is made of 100 percent recycled plastic. It’s approximately 33 inches high and 33 inches wide or large enough for a family of five. A smaller container, the Kitchen Pail, designed for kitchen organics, is also available for $10. This beige, oval-shaped pail with tight-closing lid has a 7½-liter capacity and accommodates the shape of dishes making it perfect for mess-free scraping. BBA is also offering Systern Rain Barrel for $67. It’s a 55-gallon tan barrel made from high density poly-ethylene with up to 50 percent recycled plastic. A new item available this year is a compost turner for $20.

It’s estimated 25 percent of the average household’s waste consists of yard trimmings and kitchen scraps which can be easily composted. Residents of Southern New Hampshire can save money for every ton of waste they compost because it is not shipped out of town for disposal. Call the Beaver Brook Association office at 465-7787 to learn more or to order over the phone.

The Beaver Brook Association is a nonprofit educational organization at 117 Ridge Road in Hollis. The mission of the Beaver Brook Association is to promote the understanding of interrelationships in the natural world and to encourage conservation of natural resources through education and land stewardship.

Visit for more information on the organization and programs.

Celeste Philbrick Barr is director of Education and Community Affairs at Beaver Brook Association in Hollis.