Betty Hall, Brookline Finance Committee candidate

Office sought: Brookline Finance Committee – three seats, one-year term

Name: Betty Hall

Age: 91

Address: 18 Old Milford Road, Brookline.

Years of residency: Since 1948.

Family: Widow.

Occupation: President of Hall Mfg Co., Brookline and a state representative.

Education: BA Mathematics Columbia University New York.

Political history: Have held offices of state representative, School Board member, selectman, Finance Committee, other appointed offices 1950-present.

Affiliations: Too many to list such as Brookline Community Church and Harbor Homes of Greater Nashua.

Question 1: What is the Finance Committee’s role in making local government more accountable to taxpayers? What would you do as a member of the committee to increase transparency?

The Finance Committee reports its recommendations to the town and school district regarding the budget and fiscal warrant articles and holds Public Hearings. I would work with the Selectmen and School Board and Transparency Committee to get more of this information on the town website and into the media to make as much information as possible available to Town and School Meeting voters, in a more timely fashion.

Q. 2: Would you support a move to change the committee to a Budget Committee, which under the Municipal Budget Act, would give it the authority to set guidance in creating the annual budget? Why or why not?

Yes I would. As our town grows, we are considering ways to help the overworked Selectmen. We have reached the point when fewer town people can volunteer the necessary time. Fewer file to run for office. Developing and administering the budget constitutes an increasing part of this burden. We need to reorganize our systems to meet this challenge. The Municipal Budget Act provides a statutory way to accomplish this. I believe the Finance Committee’s mandate is outdated. We need to develop new ways to address this problem and I would like to help. My many years on the Brookline Finance has given me a unique perspective for this task. I would like to serve at least another term.