Christopher Adams, Hollis Brookline Coop School Board candidate

Office sought: Hollis Brookline Coop School Board – one seats, three-year term

Christopher R. Adams

Age: 41.

Address: Sargent Road, Brookline.

Contact information:

Years of residency: Five years.

Family: Married for 13 years to wife Susan.; two boys ages 10 and 12.

Occupation: Associate Director, Pilot Operations Shire Pharmaceuticals. I lead a process development group responsible for the scale up of therapeutic protein production to treat rare genetic disorders.

Education: BS Liberal Studies.

Political history: Finance Committee; 2010-11 Vice Chairman, 2011-2012 Chairman, Master Plan Committee 2010. Facilities Committee 2011-12.

Affiliations: Member of Hollis Congregational Church; U.S. Army Veteran: Operations Just Cause, Desert Storm and Desert Shield; ISPE.

Question 1: What is the most pressing issue facing the Hollis Brookline Coop School District and how would you address it?

The administrative and services component of all our schools has continued to grow over time to a point where we are starting to see a potential decline in the core educational mission of our schools. Several areas can be addressed and consolidated to improve upon the efficiency of services provided to our school population. As is currently underway, I strongly support the consolidation and in-sourcing of Special Education services that should lead to a shift in the cost structure of providing these services. Second, a study needs to be initiated to further explore the consolidation of the Brookline and Hollis school districts. Our administrative redundancies are a drag on the educational and fiscal responsibilities of the school systems as a whole and have lead to the over stress of school administrators and the dilution of effort needed to maintain and improve upon the quality of education our children receive.

Q. 2: If you could make one change to improve education in the Hollis Brookline Coop School District, what would it be, and how would you achieve this within budget? Please explain.

Science and math are the future of our country. These skills are and will be the cornerstone of the world economy and we are not in first place when measured against other developed nations. Our curriculum needs to be based upon these skill sets with a focus on stressing mathematical literacy and sound analytical thinking. A school board member’s duty lies with helping to articulate and transfer the community’s educational goals and ideals to the institution charged with instilling the same in our children. While focusing on budgetary issues is important to ensure we are directing our resources towards implementing and furthering these goals it is not the chief aim of a member. To this end it is important that a sound working relationship be built between the community, schools and boards so that we can make educational strides forward. To this end I will pledge my time and skills.