Betty Hall honored at Brookline Community Church service

BROOKLINE – Betty Hall, former New Hampshire House representative and longtime active member of the Brookline community, was honored at the Brookline Community Church’s service on June 1.

Carol Cherian, who organized the event, said the idea came when Pastor Renee heard Hall would be moving to New York to live closer to her daughter.

“Pastor Renee suggested we do something to honor Betty,” Cherian said. “She has done so much for this community.”

The event consisted of a church service followed by a luncheon where community members were welcomed to come and express their gratitude for Hall.

Rene Duncklee and Barbara Thaxter both said they would miss seeing Hall around the town.

“She helped the town and church so much,” Duncklee said.

“She started running the Bible School a long time ago and has always stayed involved,” Thaxter added.

Not only did Hall organize the Bible School, she also brought what had originally been two separate town churches, the Congregational Christian and Methodist churches, together to form one church, the Brookline Community Church.

Hall also fought and won a battle to get a 10-burner stove for the church, which has been used for various gatherings including senior lunches, breakfast fundraisers and spaghetti meals for the community’s Boy and Girl Scouts.

In addition to her involvement with the church, Hall was part of the school board. She acted as chairwoman of the board from 1963-1971.

Hall said that she decided to become involved with the state government when she realized she was not accomplishing what she wanted to on the school board.

“My biggest concern was for the children,” Hall said. “We could fight for whatever we wanted to on the school board but that didn’t mean the government was going to support it. I wanted to get involved and make things happen.”

When she became a part of the government, Hall was looking to fight for what she believed in.

“I like to stir the pot,” Hall said. “I get in there, stir the pot and try to make things happen. I even decided to run as an independent my last two campaigns for the House knowing that I wasn’t going to win because I wanted to make a statement. Neither party was doing what they should be.”

Hall’s go-getter attitude is something that many community members are going to miss as she moves along to the next chapter in her life. Cherian said Hall has always been known to say it like it is.

“Betty broke her hip and was in the middle of rehab,” Cherian described, “she showed up at church and let everyone know that she was OK and that she was driving again. She wanted us to tell her if she did anything bad. Most people wouldn’t want the criticism but she embraces it.”

Hall will be missed by Brookline; however, as she chatted with her friends and family at the luncheon, making sure to greet each and every person in attendance, she made a reassuring promise to many: “I will be back.”