Hollis Upper Elementary to hold Halloween Fair, Haunted House

HOLLIS – Hollis Upper Elementary School will hold its annual Halloween Fun Fair and Haunted House on Saturday, Oct. 22.

This is a kid-friendly event, and proceeds will benefit the school’s students.

The fair will be held in the gym and cafeteria from 4-7 p.m. It is designed for younger children. There will be numerous games and activities, like Ghoul Golf and Dr. Gross’ Lab, a cake walk, face-painting and temporary tattoos.

Additionally, there will be prizes, a snack bar and a bake sale to round out the fun.

While there is no admission fee, ticket prices are $1 for two tickets. All games or activities cost two tickets, except for face-painting and nail art/temporary tattoos, which require three tickets.

The haunted house is sure to be filled with lots of thrills.

From 4-6:30 p.m., there will be a "lights-on" portion for the faint of heart. The "lights-off," or scary segment, will begin at 6:30 and runs to 9:30 or whenever the line ends. This portion is designed for older children or for those who don’t scare so easily!

Tickets are $5 for "lights-on" and $8 for "lights-off."

The school is located at 12 Drury Lane.

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Hollis Upper Elementary School