New recycling bins benefit Beaver Brook Association

The Town of Hollis Recycling Center is hosting Recycle That bins to benefit Beaver Brook Association. In this comprehensive program, Hollis residents can recycle clean textiles, small household items, single shoes and socks, old bags and belts, books, CDs and even toaster ovens! Every pound you recycle saves the town waste disposal costs and puts a little money aside for Beaver Brook Association.

Currently, Americans are recycling only 15 percent of their old textiles. The rest is going to landfills or incinerators. Forty-five percent of donated textiles are in usable condition and can go back into the marketplace either in the U.S or to other countries. Thirty percent of the donated textiles, including linens and bedding will enter the repurpose market to be turned into industrial polishing and wiping cloths. Recycled cloth rags use less water, less energy and a lower carbon footprint than creating new or paper rags. The final 20 percent of unusable clothing and textiles are converted to raw fibers for use in newly manufactured upholstery matting, insulation and padding.

Books, CDs and DVDs can have a second life either in the U.S. or overseas to improve literacy. Those in unusable condition can be recycled through the paper and plastics industries. Damaged books are shipped to paper mills.

Items accepted in the new Recycle That bins include clothing and fashion accessories, stained, worn or torn is fine. Please just make sure the textiles are clean, dry and bagged. Towels, bedding, shoes, watches, backpacks, scarves, belts and totes are accepted. Small nonglass household goods, home decor, toys and stuffed animals are accepted.

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These Recycle That bins are located at Hollis Recycling & Transfer Station on Rocky Pond Road, Hollis NH by the Still good Table.

Submitted by
Celeste Philbrick Barr

Education & Community Affairs
Director Beaver Brook Nature Center, Hollis