Applewild School announces scholarship opportunities

FITCHBURG, Mass. – Applewild School is pleased to announce several scholarship opportunities for prospective students entering grades four through seven for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.

Applewild seeks bright and motivated applicants interested in applying for the following scholarships:

The newly established Jennifer Martin Cloutier ’83 Scholarship seeks to assist a student entering the sixth, seventh or eighth grade with demonstrated financial need. The recipient will be a high achiever in English/language arts and possess strong writing skills. Jennifer Martin Cloutier ’83 and her husband, David Cloutier, are delighted to establish this new scholarship.

“It was as an Applewild student that I first learned about the importance of public service and civic responsibility. Throughout my life, I have relied on the lessons I learned there,” said Jennifer Cloutier. “I am grateful for the dedicated teachers and strong foundation I received at Applewild, and I would not be who I am today without them. Through the scholarship program, we are able to give back and make the Applewild experience a reality for future generations.”

AppleCore Scholarships are available to prospective students entering grades four through seven. Scholarships are offered in each of three areas: Middlesex County, Worcester County and New Hampshire. AppleCore Scholarships range from 90 percent of tuition to $1,000, and include an additional element to the application process.

The C.T. Crocker Scholarship, established in 1968, is awarded to a Fitchburg student applying for sixth grade, who has demonstrated outstanding ability and promise. The recipient of this grant can be assured of the 95 percent tuition scholarship continuing through eighth grade, as long as the student’s academic record and general performance remain at the satisfactory level and continued financial need is demonstrated.

If you are interested in pursuing one of these competitive scholarship opportunities for your student(s), contact Kyle Sminkey in the Applewild School Admission Office, at or 1-978-342-6053, ext. 163. Or, join us on May 22 from 9:15-11:30 a.m. for our Open House with classroom visits. Open to parents and students, this engaging program allows prospective students to delve into classroom activities while parents participate in campus tours and a panel discussion – all followed by our traditional, daily family-style lunch.