St. Joseph Hospital’s Community Health Education Launches New  Parenting Program

Flexible instruction caters to expectant parents’ learning preferences and busy schedules

St. Joseph Hospital’s Community Health Education Department is excited to launch its new  Preparing for Parenthood  Online and In-Person Learning Program to accommodate expectant parents’ self-paced learning preferences and increasingly demanding schedules. 

The new program, which is accessible from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection, features two online classes — Understanding Birth and Understanding your Newborn, along with one complementary Education and Support Session with Childbirth Educators in our Maternal Child Health Center.

Understanding Birth –  This interactive, self-paced online course delivers essential information to help prepare expectant parents for a healthy, fulfilling birth experience. Engaging videos, life-like 3D animation and personal birth stories give you the knowledge and insight you need to make informed decisions about labor and delivery. You’ll even create your own birth plan.

Understanding Your Newborn –  This eClass will help you gain the confidence you need to care for your baby. You and your support person will learn  about the specific care your baby needs in the first six weeks and beyond as well as understand importance of baby cues, early brain development and bonding. You’ll also gain valuable insight into topics including newborn traits and behaviors, crying and comforting, feeding, diapering, bathing, nailcare, infant CPR and more.

Education and Support Session with Childbirth Educators –  This class is designed to provide a hands-on experience to supplement your online learning.  Together with other expectant parents, you’ll tour our Maternal Child Health Center, interact with staff, practice calming exercises and ask questions.

To learn more and register for this convenient learning experience visit  www.stjosephhospital.com/classes  or call 603.595.3168.