Open Mic a Big Success!

On Saturday, March 16th, the night was filled with exceptional music, poetry with a local twist, story tellers, mimes, dancers and acrobats during the first Open Mic Acoustic Café at the Congregational Church of Hollis. The performers included people from age 9 to 50+ showcasing the amazing talent we have in our community. Delicious food was served and everyone genuinely enjoyed the entire event. It was a great opportunity for members of the community to get know each other while being entertained by some truly extraordinary performers.

Because it was such a success, with the performers and spectators both asking when the church will have its next Open Mic Acoustic Café, the Congregational Church of Hollis is planning to hold more of these in the future. If you might be interested in performing in upcoming events, please send your name and contact information to music@hollischurch.org.