73rd Hollis Strawberry Festival

The Hollis Town Band and the Hollis Woman’s Club will be hosting the 73rd Hollis Strawberry Festival Sunday, June 23 on the Town Center, 2 Monument Square. This festival was created to provide a much needed day off for the local farmers who worked their land seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. It was the only time the Hollis farmers had to relax and socialize with their neighbors.

In the spirit of farmers gone by, we welcome all to come, leisurely stroll the grounds and enjoy the freshly made strawberry treats with Doc Davis ice cream plus listen to the Hollis Town Band playing old and new favorites. In addition, the Hollis Town Band will be selling raffle tickets for one lucky attendee to conduct the crowd pleasing “Stars and Stripes Forever!” Please visit www.holliswomansclub.org for more information.