DAR compiling photo album of handmade quilts

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The Hollis DAR is compiling a photo album of handmade quilts in Hollis area 2021, historic to modern to be kept at the Hollis Historical Society house.

Though quilting is centuries old, patchwork quilts are authentically American. In early days, colonists had to buy their textiles from England at 4X the price. It was illegal for colonists to make their own textiles. If you used a spindle, you were punished. So cloth was used until it fell apart necessitating the creation of patchwork. Needlework was a woman’s form of expression, her creativity. Quilts played a role in the American Revolution hung as a sign for Patriot safe passage. In the pre-Civil War era certain quilts hung on the clothes line served as signs for slaves making their way north to freedom. Every quilt is unique. Please send a photo of you, your name with your favorite quilt or quilts to marylouwared19@gmail.com or DAR, PO Box 912 Hollis, NH 03049.

Please read the attached flyer for Daughters of the American Revolution quilt project in Hollis. Also attaching photo of Anita Walker’s favorite quilt and Thelma Wigfield’s favorite quilt. Also the collection of Mary Lou Ward’s quilts. We hope you can give us a little publicity in the Hollis Brookline Journal.