Film Added to Brookline Historical Society Files – 1963 PTA Winter Carnival

Eric DiVirgilio, Brookline’s Ken Burns, continues to collaborate with the late Sid Hall, Sr., to provide us with digitized versions of films Sid took of Brookline events over 50 years ago. Thank you to the Hall family for sharing such precious memories with the us.

The BHS previously posted on its website, brooklinehistory.org:  a 1941 film provided by Jeri Beck, the daughter of Alpha and Rita Hall, (the other Halls) featuring the Brookline Fire Department and a host of assorted Brookliners; Sid’s 1952 recordings of the famed Brookline Drum and Bugle Corps and another of Brookline’s 1969 Bicentennial Celebration parade. Eric recently added to the BHS website Sid’s film of a 1963 PTA Winter Carnival, and of the 1960 and 1962 PTA Church Fairs.

It’s as close to time travel as you’re going to get. If there are any other such family films out there that should be preserved and shared, please contact the Brookline Historical Society. Enjoy, and thank you again to Eric DiVirgilio and the Hall families.