Community Flag Project

The Hollis Brookline Rotary Club is pleased to announce our annual Community Flag Project to promote patriotism and to raise funds for charitable causes. Join our friends and neighbors in a patriotic display of American flags!

For a modest annual fee, the Rotary Club will display the Americanmade flag in your front yard – or at your business – on the 5 most patriotic days of the year.

Memorial Day May 31st Flag Day June 14th

Independence Day July 4th Labor Day September 6th

Veterans Day November 11th

Here’s how it works: The Hollis Brookline Rotary Club will place one 3’x5′ American-made American flag on a 10′ pole into a ground stake which is driven into the ground prior to Memorial Day weekend. The flag will be installed prior to each holiday and removed five days later for storage until the next holiday. At the conclusion of the “Flag Season” each year, the ground stake will be removed.

The subscription fee is $50 for the Flag Season (Memorial Day to Veterans Day). These flags promote patriotism and create an impressive sight in our communities. The funds raised from this project will be used to help our fellow human beings who are a little less fortunate, whether they be across the street locally or across the oceans globally. For more information and to subscribe please email hbrcflags@gmail.com