Gatherings’ Cynthia Dokmo anticipates busy season

After a year of some bookings being canceled due to the pandemic, Gatherings, an elegant space for social events located at the Colonel Shepherd House, 29 Mont Vernon St., is expecting a busy summer, said owner Cynthia Dokmo.

“COVID really affected us,” she said. “We had just kind of started up and we were picking up steam, and then the pandemic struck. I had a lot of events that were cancelled or postponed. And some of those that were postponed ended up being cancelled because we were still in the thick of things last summer.”

Dokmo said she decided at one point not to take anymore bookings for a few months, thinking that was the safest and wisest thing to do.

“Starting in February and the beginning of March, I started to get a lot of requests for this year,” she said.

“I think that was because people were getting vaccinated and people felt more comfortable. And I think some people felt that they had put things off for too long. And they decided, ‘This is the way we’re going to have to live. So let’s live.'”

Gatherings offers space for bridal and baby showers, corporate meetings or events and other functions.

Dokmo said starting in March, she had a few scheduled for April but May and June are heavily booked. She has one weekend day during May and June available and then she is booked through October.

“I’m very encouraged by that,” she said. “And then The Cozy Tea Cart in Brookline is having monthly teas at Gatherings in May and June. “

Dokmo is planning on partnering with several local businesses to provide a unique experience for a shower or a party.

“For example, there is a woman who is a make-up artist and what I would like to do if someone wants a wedding shower, is to hire this person to come in and give a demonstration as to how to apply make-up,” she said. “I’d like to offer different types of shower ideas – people don’t open all their gifts at showers anymore. I guess it’s a long process. So, I thought perhaps adding another dimension might be interesting for folks.”

Gathering’s is also home to private businesses upstairs, including, life coach Heather Stickney, and Bella Esthetics, owned by Meredith O’Brien.

Bella Esthetics offers facials, facial peels, lashes and waxing procedures.

“We’re still attracting and accepting new clients,” O’Brien said. “We’re seeing people by appointment only and our menu is available online. We also use Image Skincare products.”

Dokmo said Gatherings in unlike any other event space in Milford or the surrounding area.

“It’s very elegant, but it’s small and intimate,” she said. “There are a lot of venues for large gatherings but not for smaller gatherings. That was my idea of even starting this and creating it.”

For more information, visit Gatherings on Facebook or at gatheringsnh.com.