Hollis Police Warn Citizens

The Hollis Police Department has recently been made aware of a sophisticated online scam. The scam targets individuals looking to buy a pet and this particular website, krystalgoldendoodles.com, claims to be selling golden doodle puppies.

The website itself is well put together and has several fake testimonials, as well as pictures of puppies it claims to be for sale. The website requires interested parties to fill out an application form and the scammer contacts them after the form has been submitted. After some communication, and the scammer claiming to have arranged for an airline ticket for the dog, they require the money be transferred to them. In recent instance, the scammer required the money be sent using the mobile application ZELLE.

The Hollis Police Department would like to remind everyone to be cautious when making any online purchases and if possible, to use a credible website that will reimburse the buyer should the item not arrive. For local purchases the public is encouraged to meet at the Safe Exchange Zone located in the parking lot of the Hollis Police Department. The Safe Exchange Zone is the first three parking spaces on the left as you enter the parking lot. Transactions in the Safe Exchange Zone are video recorded.