Rocky Pond Boat Launch is Open April thru October

Residents shall sign out a gate key from the Hollis Communications Center located at the Police Station. The 5 keys will be issued daily on a first come first served basis.

Prohibited Activities:

Swimming, sunbathing, campfires, and picnicking are specifically prohibited on the premises.

Rules and Regulations:

No motor boats or boat trailers shall be permitted or used on the premises. Only canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards not requiring the use of a boat trailer are permitted to use the premises as a landing. No inflatable boats or floats are permitted on the premises.

Hazardous waste, as defined under state and federal law, is not permitted on the premises. The use of petroleum products and other solvents or solutions are prohibited.

The landing shall only be available for use from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset.

No littering shall be allowed. All trash shall be carried out.

There is parking for 5 vehicles only. Guests of residents must arrive and depart in the same vehicle as the resident.

Every guest must be accompanied by the guest’s host, a Hollis resident, at all times.