THAT is the lie

I have two issues with Ms. Lothrop’s message titled Exposing the Democrat lies:

First, she assumes that what she can do everyone can do, with regard to finding distant alternatives to health care of any sort – transport, money, the knowledge and capability to do the research and make the connections. And that in itself suggests that she is willing to accept abortion, just not in her own neighborhood. …

Second: I agree with her that using casual abortion rather than contraception is abhorrent; on the other hand, since she is not in a position to prevent those “multiple pregnancies by multiple men,” what will she and those of similar inclination personally offer toward rearing the potential children they want NOT aborted? Where will the “saved” children find love, food, clothing, shelter, health care, education? Will their lives be positive or negative ones – from their own perspectives and as viewed by society in general – even in the eyes of those “protecting” them? Republicans claim to be pro-life, but exactly what kind of life are they “pro”? The view from here is that the goal is coercion toward birth – not followed by support for an actual life. To me, THAT is the lie.