Climate change is here

Climate change is here, it is real, and it is the most urgent existential threat of our lifetime. Australia is on fire, temperatures and sea levels are rising faster than expected, and American policies are going backwards to benefit corporate interests.

We don’t have time to embrace incrementalism or to fail to take bold action to meet this crisis. We need big, structural change – and that is why after attending Warren’s climate town hall in Milford on Friday, I am whole-heartedly supporting Elizabeth Warren for President.

Elizabeth doesn’t just have one climate plan – she has thirteen. Her breadth of policy covers all aspects of the sweeping reforms we’ll need to save our planet. She is an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, and also has a Blue New Deal to address the degradation of our oceans and coastal resources. She has committed to a ten-year mobilization strategy for net-zero emissions, re-entering the Paris Climate Accord, and signing an end to all off-shore drilling on day-one of her administration. These are just a few points of her comprehensive agenda.

Warren’s climate plan explicitly adopts many ideas from Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington, widely praised by environmental policy experts for their rigor. Her plans work to eliminate planet-warming emissions from power plants, vehicles and buildings over 10 years, ban fossil-fuel leasing on public lands, and invest $2 trillion in “green manufacturing” that will grow the economy by adding over 10 million jobs and tap into an estimated $23 trillion global market.

I worked for 40 years as a conservationist with an agency that grew out of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. Our nation averted a crisis then with FDR’s progressive plan to protect our land and water. Warren’s comprehensive approach is exactly what we need today to address the global climate crisis and save our planet.

Your vote next month will help decide the future of our world. I urge you to choose Elizabeth Warren.