Vote Chandley

As a Merrimack resident for 28 years, I have seen a number of state senators represent Merrimack. I have never seen a State Senator that has worked across the aisle to get solutions passed like Senator Chandley has with the tolls.

For over 30 years, Merrimack residents have been overburdened with the tolls at Exit 11. Although Gary Daniels was our State Senator for 4 years, and Chair of the Finance Committee, he was not able to remove the tolls. Shannon Chandley made the toll removal a top priority in the legislature by co-sponsoring legislation to remove these tolls, which was passed unanimously through the Senate, and signed by Governor Sununu. By January of 2020, the tolls were removed. I am grateful to have Senator Chandley’s leadership to work with both Democrats and Republicans and get things done.

I am voting for Senator Chandley this November because while she has made progress on this issue, there is still work to be done. The Executive Council just voted on October 7th to remove the toll structures, so these tolls will be history by the end of this year. Sen. Chandley’s priorities are now to remove the off ramp tolls from Exit 10 in Merrimack. Given her work so far, I know she is the most effective person to work on this issue. I urge you to vote for State Senator Shannon Chandley this November 3rd.