Supporting an important resource

I want to thank Gov. Chris Sununu and Executive Councilors Ted Gatsas, Russell Prescott and Michael Cryans for their recent vote to continue Bethany Christian Services’ contract with the state of New Hampshire.

Bethany Christian Services provides support for foster children in New Hampshire. Bethany has been a provider of services with the state for the past 14 years. During that time, they have been a lifesaver for foster families. I know because they help foster families like mine. We connected with our foster children through one of their foster children celebration events. We then relied heavily on their “bed fund” that collects clothing, bedding, toiletries and other items. Many of these items are not covered by the foster families stipend.

They also work with families to keep foster siblings together and help families stay in compliance with state regulations. They are an important resource, and the value the state receives for their services is worth much more than the cost of their small contract.

Unfortunately, my executive councilor, Debora Pignatelli, voted against Bethany Christian Services. Based on her public statements, she chose to discriminate against them because they are a faith-based organization. However, in my experiences with them, they never pushed a religious agenda on me. They only seemed focused on doing good work for families. In the future, I hope Councilor Pignatelli will not be so narrow-minded.

Again, thanks to Sununu and a majority of the Executive Council for their leadership for foster families.