Hollis first in NH to launch 1 Gigabit high-speed internet service

HOLLIS – Hollis has become the first community in the state to receive one-gigabit high-speed internet service, which is 100 times faster than the average internet speed in the country.

At a press conference held at Hollis Town Hall on May 27, U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., and officials of TDS Telecom announced the launch of the service, designed to meet the ever-growing demand by customers for bandwidth.

“I’m on the Senate Commerce Committee, so I understand how having access is so important for our economic development and for our ability to thrive and grow,” Ayotte said. “For Hollis to have the fastest access here, I hope, is the beginning of access for our state.”

Thomas Murray, manager of State Government Affairs for TDS, put the launch in perspective for those gathered.

“There are only about 30 communities in the country who have this speed,” he explained. “Austin, Las Vegas, Omaha. It’s a very big deal to be the beginning of a one-gigabit community. And who doesn’t have it? Boston, New York City, Silicon Valley.”

He said he expects access to increase to a dozen communities in the state in the next year and a half.

“You are really on the leading edge,” Murray continued. “I have seen this 30 times in different communities, the capturing of the imagination. Your schools will be super-charged, there will be small business incubators, and gamers (will be happy). We have seen this be transformational in many communities.”

State Sen. Peggy Gilmour, D-Hollis, conveyed her appreciation to the TDS team by presenting them with a T-shirt from the Jonathan Gilmour Memorial Walk and Ride.

“As a resident and someone who represents this town in the state, thank you for integrating into the community and being a part of Hollis,” she said.

State Rep. Gary Daniels, R-Milford, whose district includes Hollis, spoke about the boost to the economy this high speed access will generate.

“You can be guaranteed you will get good service from TDS,” he quipped, “since as the model town, others will look to you before signing up.”

Murray and Ayotte presented an iPad as a gift to Dana Albrecht, to thank the resident for being the first customer in Hollis to sign up for the TDS service. Albrecht works in high tech, and lived in Silicon Valley prior to moving to Hollis in 2001.

“It’s nice to come out here and get better Internet service,” he said.

State Rep. Jim Belanger, R-Hollis, said he was glad to see TDS come to town, and that he had already signed up as a customer. He explained that residents of Hollis who border Nashua or Pepperell, Mass., are just beyond the TDS district and won’t be able to switch coverage at this time.

Vahrij Manoukian, speaking on behalf of the selectmen, summed it up by saying, “Being the first town in New Hampshire to offer one-gigabit (access) is just another feature that makes Hollis one of the best towns in New Hampshire.”