Lynch stumps for Biden in Wilton

WILTON – With the New Hampshire primary just five days away, former Governor John Lynch, the 80th governor of New Hampshire, appeared in Wilton on January 28, to speak on behalf of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Currently, Biden trails only Vermont senator Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire by a few percentage points.

Lynch spoke at a house party on Biden’s behalf, hosted by Wilton selectman and State Rep. Kermit Williams.

“I trust Joe Biden is going to restore to the White House a sense of integrity, ethics, honesty, decency, competence, experience,” said Lynch. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone do that?”

Williams took particular pride in the fact that his home built in 1869, was the former address to that of the Gregg family and now it was the first stop on a Biden-surrogate bus tour of the Granite State by Lynch.

“The house was built by Hugh Gregg’s grandfather, David Gregg,” said Williams. “The Greggs had a bunch of businesses including, New Hampshire Sash & Door. They needed more staff than they could get in Wilton so they moved to Nashua.”

Speaking to a crowd of about 40, mostly from Wilton but some from Nashua as well, Lynch lauded Biden’s vast experience on the world stage. He also said that Biden had the knack for attracting moderates, while still maintaining a progressive stance in the race.

Williams said he’s been a Biden supporter all along.

“I have felt that the biggest problem that the next president is going to have is diplomatic issues,” Williams said.

“The relationships with other countries, the relationship with our friends, like Canada and France, and appropriately handling relationships with China and Russia and North Korea. I think there are a lot of repairs in our foreign policy that will have to be made.”

Of Biden, Lynch has said, “I feel that strongly about the vice president and about this election. I think it’s the most important election in our lifetime and, as I’ve said, Joe Biden is the most electable of the candidates running.”

Williams did say he’s not a fan of Biden (and others’) ‘Medicare for All,’ because of the cost.

“I’d love to see everybody covered by health insurance in some way, shape or form,” Williams said. “I’d love to see us lower the overall cost of medical care in the U.S. But I think any kind of domestic policy starts in Congress, it doesn’t start in the president’s office.”

Later in the week, on Jan. 31 in Peterborough, New Hampshire, Lynch said Biden would restore a sense of order and stability to the world.

“That is clearly what is needed,” Lynch said. “I trust that Joe Biden is going to unite us as a country.”

Williams stated that because of what’s happened in the last few years, this is not a situation where there is on-the-job training.

“We’ll be best off if we have somebody who really knows what they’re doing,” said Williams. “And to me, the only person who qualifies is Joe.”