Budget committee members support re-election of Valle

To the Editor:

We the undersigned Hollis members of the Cooperative School Board Budget Committee urge our fellow citizens to re-elect our colleague Ray Valle to his position on the Hollis Budget Committee. Over the years that we have worked with Ray, he has demonstrated that he:

?Cares a great deal about the townspeople, taxpayers, students, teachers and staff he serves.

?Values public education and has had one child go through the district and another that will be entering it, and understands special needs.

?Has demonstrated the utmost concern for the overall quality of education with the best cost effective solution.

?Brings an objective, fact-based analysis to the budgeting process.

?Seeks out, shares and integrates state and national information with local concerns for both budgetary issues and educational advancements.

?Is fiscally prudent.

?Is very knowledgeable and a go-to person for RSA legal guidance and interpretations.

?Brings a balanced perspective on various sides of issues since he was a college professor.

In the past two years, Ray has simultaneously served on both the co-op and Hollis budget committees. We recommend that you re-elect Ray to the Hollis Budget Committee and continue with this dual approach. It provides advantages to enable exchanges of information between the two committees, improves efficiencies and helps both groups to stand on more common ground. In addition, the committees can coordinate requests to the school administrators and develop common reporting methods and other practices.

We intend to vote for Ray Valle for the Hollis Budget Committee and urge our friends and colleagues to do likewise.