FIRST teams deserve coverage

To the Editor,

Looking at the newspaper, there is the Sports Section where one would find many articles of the HBHS sports teams. There have been quite a few articles for some high school extra-curricular activities such as Boy Scouts, which have had two in the last month. However, there has been a dearth of articles regarding the FIRST Robotics Team 1073.

The FIRST Robotics team has submitted at least half a dozen articles on many of its accomplishments and activities that have not been published.

I find this choice of publishing to be biased against the robotics team, a group of hard-working students who do a number of things within the community that deserve to be recognized.

They host FIRST Lego League and FIRST Junior Lego League tournaments for younger enthusiasts. They volunteer to help the Hollis Women’s Club with the Strawberry and Apple fests. The ForceTeam has also had outreach to Girl Scout troops and to public schools to teach children about the importance of technology.

There have only been only a few instances where they have been mentioned in this newspaper: the budget cuts, a demonstration for the Girl Scouts, and at the Apple Festival. In all of these circumstances, it was another organization that reported this. The articles from the FIRST Robotics team was not published.

This newspaper says that it looks to publish articles from its readers, but why hasn’t there been anything highlighting on this team? FIRST team 1073 needs to be put in the spotlight for a change, and be recognized for what they’re worth. After all, they are the engineers that we’ll rely on in the future to solve problems with technology that they’ll develop. This is our future, and it needs to be emphasized.