Common Core – Rotten to the core

To the Editor:

As a mother of a school-aged child, a taxpayer and an elected local official, I am greatly concerned about the dawn of Common Core in our local schools. 

First, it is imperative that SAU 41 have an open and honest dialogue about the future of our children’s education and if Common Core is right for us. To date, this dialogue has not happened.

Sadly, Common Core has been covertly implemented in our schools without the knowledge or consent of key stakeholders: parents and taxpayers. This fact is extremely troubling. I ask – what are the SAU and school administration attempting to hide? Having spent the better part of the past 24 months researching Common Core, there is undoubtedly a lot to hide!

Second, many families choose to reside in Brookline and Hollis for its reputation for educational excellence. This reputation is being threatened by Common Core – an unfunded “recommendation” pushed onto local school districts by unelected officials in our federal and state governments. They hope that local school boards aren’t paying attention and believe without objective thought everything the “educational experts” parrot.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening in SAU 41. The SAU 41 school boards’ laissez-faire approach is permitting Common Core to roll out in Hollis and Brookline. Its costly infrastructure is being clandestinely built within our schools. This will undoubtedly disintegrate the quality of our schools and jeopardize our children’s educational outcomes. Several states, as well as school boards across the country, have objectively examined Common Core and have actively chosen to reject Common Core, in favor of higher standards – including Alton and Manchester school boards.

Third, schools districts in our state are guided by local school boards. Make no mistake – Common Core is designed to undermine this authority by placing control of our children’s education and future in the hands of the federal and state government. If we continue down the Common Core path, local school boards will be marginalized having little say in the education of their district’s students. This unconstitutional result will be low-quality education without local representation or input – exactly what the proponents of Common Core are seeking.
I urge all concerned citizens to ask the tough questions of our local officials and demand open communication and truthful answers regarding Common Core. We must defend our rights and our children’s rights. 

The future of education and our nation is at stake.