I’m not voting for Jeanne Shaheen in 2014

To the Editor:

As this disastrous federal health care takeover unfolds, it is important to remember Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was a leading cheerleader in the blind rush to enact Obamacare.

Back in 2009-10, she refused to consider any amendments made by Republicans. The majority of the public strongly opposes Obamacare, yet we were continually lectured by Shaheen and other Democrats this is the “law of the land.” Shaheen marched in lockstep with Barack Obama and ignored the voters of New Hampshire who she is supposed to represent.

Now, belatedly in desperation and ducking for cover, Shaheen is supporting a temporary delay of the law’s individual mandate. Should we all get down on our knees in gratitude and reward her for this “stay of execution” with another six long years in Washington? Hardly! Millions are now having their individual coverage cancelled – insurance that was serving them and their families well at acceptable rates.

The other half of this nightmare, the employer mandate, is now one year away and the outcome will be just as damaging for average Americans. Let’s keep our eye on the ball and remember Jeanne Shaheen ran with her party in the mindless rush to pass a massive 2,700-page law that would bankrupt our nation’s treasury, destroy jobs, ultimately reduce the number of insured and send health care premiums skyrocketing for everyone. Senator, you own this law. The right thing to do is admit you failed and repeal it now.

When I go to the polls in 2014, I will be supporting new leadership in the Senate that listens to New Hampshire!