A snapshot at Brookline Town Meeting

To the Editor:

On March 12, Brookline held its 245th annual Town Meeting.

The votes taken at the meeting determine approximately 15 percent of the total tax rate. I thought residents would be interested in the overall outcome of the votes taken.

At last year’s annual Town Meeting, an operating budget of $3,994,329 was approved, as well as $136,717 in tax-impacting warrant articles for a total appropriation of $4,131,046.

At this year’s meeting, an operating budget of $4,041,090 was approved, plus warrant articles of $87,100 for a total of $4,128,190.

The total sum appropriated for 2014 was $2,856 less than in 2013.

The final piece of your taxes will be determined when the co-op meeting reconvenes. I encourage all registered voters to attend the meeting on Wednesday, March 26, beginning at 7 p.m. at the high school.


Brookline town administrator