Unsafe roads and lack of response in Hollis

To The Editor:

On Feb. 16, I sent an e-mail to our new Director of Public Works Tom Bayrd and Town Administrator Troy Brown commenting on the hazardous conditions of the side roads after the Feb. 13-14 snow storm. It appeared as though plows had not cleared the roads after the last few inches had fallen.

Throughout the day on Friday, traffic pushed the snow around into piles which later froze causing ruts and “washboard” conditions. Even at slow speeds, cars were being bounced from side to side coming dangerously close to the center, as well as the edge of the road. The large snow banks narrowing the roads made it almost impossible to see around corners.

I don’t ever remember our roads being in this poor shape in years past, and the severity of the roads were the subject of many conversations with others from town, as well as those who travel here to work. I’m sure our snow budget is stretched thin, but that shouldn’t have been a reason to cut back on keeping Hollis roads clear and sanded. Our neighboring communities were able to. Unsafe road conditions are simply not acceptable.

The intent of this letter to the editor, though, is to voice my frustration at the lack of response, I, and others (who have also tried to contact the town offices) have gotten from the above two gentlemen. It has been four weeks and I have not received the courtesy of a reply from either. Working for the town of Hollis means working for the taxpayers of the town and that includes an obligation to respond to their concerns.

The safety of the people in Hollis should be a priority. When the town doesn’t respond to resident’s concerns, it appears as though they don’t care, and that’s very troubling.