Hollis School Board Election Results

To the Editor:

In the recent election, the results for the two races for the Hollis School Board were extremely close.

In the one-year position, no recount was requested. After the recount period expired, Tammy Fareed was declared the winner. The final count was Tammy Fareed with 400 votes and Laurie Miller with 396.

A recount was held on Wednesday, March 19 for the two three-year positions. The final results were James O’Shea with 429, Robert Mann with 425, Betsey Cox-Buteau with 418, and Debbie Pucci with 332. James O’Shea and Robert Mann were declared the winners.

I would like to thank the candidates and their representatives for their participation in the recount. All were satisfied that the recount was fair and the results accurate.

I would especially like to thank the counters who gave up an evening to sort and hand count the ballots. Their volunteerism helped ensure that the votes were fairly and properly tallied.



Hollis School District