Let’s get the facts about the proposed Hollis pipeline

To the Editor:

As someone working in the energy industry, I would sincerely appreciate the folks in Hollis establishing a thoughtful list of concerns for discussion versus being immediately against the natural gas pipeline.

What I have seen to date is discouraging … all negative opinion with little regard to facts.

I ask that we gather up the concerns and let’s all work with the pipeline company to get real answers and understand the issues and potential benefits. We pay a lot for heating in Hollis and fossil fuels will be needed for some time. It is all of our responsibility to make sure they are gathered and distributed in a responsible way as well as promoting funding of alternative energy.

I work in the hydrogen industry and I would hate to have this type of immediate opposition when I try to generate hydrogen on-site at your local refuel station for fuel cell cars. I do permitting around the country and at this initial meeting, perhaps, the folks participating on behalf of the pipeline just weren’t well prepared – ill intent shouldn’t be assumed.

I sincerely hope this paper will be one facilitating reason verses just emotion to this issue.