Vote for sensible leadership

To the Editor:

There’s a place in my heart for every person in New Hampshire who goes to the poll and bothers to vote. We are all trying to do the right thing, aren’t we?

Sen. Peggy Gilmour has the support of the N.H. Troopers Association, the N.H. Association of Social Workers, Professional Firefighters of N.H., the Business and Industry Association, N.H. Realtors Association, Associated General Contractors, the N.H. Medical Society and New Hampshire teachers. These are disparate groups of professionals who usually don’t align on such matters. That suggests to me that she is a leader who works hard for us, listens to all sides, and makes fair and reasonable decisions. Peggy Gilmour has their vote – and she has mine.

I’ve recently learned that state Senate candidate Kevin Avard, who opposes Sen. Gilmour, receives support and funding from Stella Tremblay, the prior state representative who resigned from the N.H. House in disgrace after insisting that the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax. Another supporter is Michael Gill, the guy behind the huge neon sign on Amherst Street that regularly shouts about “corruption” and “the Mafia in our NH government.” These are people whose judgment should be questioned, and they want Kevin Avard to represent them. Will he represent you, dear reader, and your interests?

I hope you’ll cast your vote for sensible leadership, for Sen. Peggy Gilmour. This might be something we can all come together on.

Kim Cameron