Donations sought for Brookline rink liner

To the Editor:

Efforts are underway to provide another winter of outdoor skating at the Brookline Ball Park.

This year a new rink liner is needed – at a cost of about $2,500. The liner will last for two seasons. That equates to 50 families donating $50 each or 100 families donating $25 each. Please consider donating to this community resource, which provides a valuable outlet for activity during the long winter months. If you have not yet experienced it for yourself, I hope you will stop by this coming season.

To donate, please send a check (made out to the Town of Brookline) to: Brookline Recreation Commission, Skating Rink Fund, P.O. Box 360, Brookline, NH 03033.

Donations received by Nov. 15 are most helpful to allow for lead time to order the liner for the upcoming skating season. Should you have any questions or suggestions for the coming season, please let me know. I can be reached at

Thank you.

Tad Putney, Brookline