Thanks for ‘magical and glowing evening’ at Hollis event

To the Editor:

Every village is proud of its common, and Hollis has one of the prettiest in the state. On Saturday, Dec. 12, the town lit over 2,500 luminary candles to show off our beautiful Monument Square.

Residents, friends and visitors walked and drove through our square to see the beauty of the lights shine on every curb even into the wee hours of the night. Just before sunset, all the candles were lit and the festivities began. Trevor Hardy drove Santa Claus through the square on his Christmas lighted tractor and hay wagon. Shouts of ho, ho, ho from Santa received friendly hellos and screams of joy from small children and adults alike who were surrounding Monument Square.

The weather and sunset were ideal. It was a beautiful evening as many chose to stroll over to the Lawrence Barn to take their pictures with Santa and to grab a goodie and hot chocolate provided by the Hollis Woman’s Club. Much happiness and joy was had by many who came to town that night.

To conclude the evening, the Hollis Town Band performed a wonderful concert, and those in attendance enjoyed themselves and the music.

It was a magical and glowing evening, and the town was beautiful. We appreciate the townspeople for purchasing luminary kits and participating, lighting their own sidewalks and curbs. The Hollis Brookline Rotary was generous for funding the luminaries at the public spaces. They even got their middle school Early Act Club to help place all those bags. The Congregational Church of Hollis, Friends of the Hollis Social Library, Hollis Historical Society and Hollis Heritage Commission pitched in for funding and placing the candles that were in front of their buildings. We would have had many gaps without their support.

A special thank you goes to Ken Swanson and Boy Scout Troop 12, who helped package the kits for homeowners, setting the bags out around town, lighting the candles, and on Sunday morning removed all the spent candles and bags. They were our heavy lifters, and this event would not have had the manpower without them.

It takes a whole village to put on a beautiful event like this. Everyone helped with lighting the candles in anticipation for Santa’s arrival and, of course, a wonderful thank you to Santa for visiting our village and making the evening special to so many children.

Kimber Harmon, President
Hollis Woman’s Club