Vote in favor of SB2 for Hollis, Brookline

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, March, 8 the voters of Hollis and Brookline will have the opportunity to vote to adopt SB2, which would allow for all-day ballot voting on the co-op school budget and bonds.

Those of us who attend the co-op annual meetings recognize that they have become overwhelming for many residents to attend. Many others do want to vote on the critical issues, but often simply cannot get to the meeting. The meetings go late into the evening, and sometimes require extra days. And most notably, the voting is in the hands of a relatively few community members who are able to consistently attend.

All the discussion that now happens at the annual meeting will still need to take place in a deliberative session resembling how the present annual meeting is conducted. But the voting will be done in the privacy of the voting booth within about 30 days and will be open to all registered voters of both towns.

Please vote in favor of SB2 on March 8 so that ALL of our voices can be heard.

Nancy Dulac