Vote to adopt SB2 for Hollis, Brookline

To the editor:

I urge residents of Hollis and Brookline to support the petition warrant article to adopt SB2 voting.

The common misperception is that SB2 will remove the ability to debate like we do today in Town Meeting. Nothing could be further from the truth. SB2 includes both a deliberative session (which is just like the town meeting) and then all-day voting a month later.

SB2 enables more people to participate and vote on the final warrant articles, which could be amended at the deliberative session, just like we do today. In addition, SB2 enables all-day voting, which means that parents with small children can both exercise their right to vote. And to top it off, absentee ballots enable traveling businesspeople, vacationers and snowbirds to vote, too.

Time to move into the 21at century and adopt a voting process that is convenient, fair and just.

David Sacks