Be respectful and have humility

To the Editor:

I was appalled and saddened by the letter from Janet Hicks posted in a recent paper and that you gave a voice to those who propagate the message of hate and broad stereotyping.

I applaud Ms. Ibrahim, who offered to introduce herself to her neighbors (us) knowing that people like Ms. Hicks would be there. Amidst all of the violence inciting language and bigotry so prominent in media today largely due to Donald Trump, let me share a few thoughts on alternative, responsible, positive things we should do:

Meet and take care of your neighbors, your community.

Be respectful and have enough humility to be willing to learn about someone who is different than you.

Take responsibility for what Americans need to do about our own issues – and we have plenty. Be active in voting and writing our representatives, who are voting on important issues such as gun control, cost of education and health care, or the Hollis warrant articles in the upcoming vote March 8.

Speak up when you hear someone being mean to others or making broad, fear-inducing statements – especially, in these times, about Muslims or refugees.

Laura Kozel, Hollis