Ayotte ‘a very productive senator’

To the Editor:

It is my privilege to strongly endorse Kelly Ayotte for another six years as a U.S. senator from New Hampshire.

I’ve carefully followed all her efforts to represent me and my fellow residents. She has done a great job and is well respected by fellow senators from both parties. She is a very productive senator and is on the right side of the issues I care the most about. She supports a strong military, a responsive and effective health care system for our veterans, an economic environment that encourages entrepreneurship, a smaller government with fewer regulations, and individual rights and freedoms.

As a former Cuban refugee, I appreciated the opportunities given to me by this great country, allowing me to seek my passions, prosper and succeed. Kelly’s actions and leadership foster a stimulating environment for success such as the one I experienced. As an influential member of the Armed Services Committee, she ensures our military remains strong and our service men and women are given the proper support and respect. She has been influential in keeping Pease Air Force Base active, being one of the first air bases to host the new Air Force tanker, the KC-46 Pegasus, and has worked very hard in ensuring New Hampshire veterans are able to receive medical services anywhere in the state.

For these and many other reasons I strongly endorse Kelly for the U.S. Senate and encourage you to do likewise.

Raul Blanche