Support Weeks for Executive Council

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Dan Weeks for Executive Council representing District 5, which extends along New Hampshire’s southern border from Nashua nearly to Vermont.

Dan is a thoughtful thinker who patiently listens to varying views while understanding the different needs of the many towns in District 5. I am confident Dan will not vote on anything until he thoroughly understands the implications his decisions upon all the residents of New Hampshire as well as the needs of the state government.

The New Hampshire Executive Council is, perhaps, the least understood part of the Executive Branch. Five individuals represent five distinct areas of New Hampshire called districts. Each district contains approximately 247,000 residents. The Executive Council’s main function is to keep a sharp eye on the governor and, according to the website, ensure "a fiscally conservative" budget.

Certain issues that might interest voters are: New Hampshire is faced with a serious drug crisis; we need rail service to Boston; we are rapidly aging; the growth of New Hampshire’s population has dramatically slowed in the last seven years; the cost of health care, for many of our residents, is rising; the cost of local property taxes are increasing as the state backs away from its responsibilities to public schools.

Dan Weeks will reflect seriously upon these, and many other issues, and lead us forward toward a bright future for New Hampshire.

James W. Squires, MD