Thank you to caring police officers for rescuing puppies

To the Editor:

On Tuesday evening when I started to feed my dogs their evening meal I noticed that Haze, a standard poodle, was missing. Odd, especially since she was pregnant and always hungry. I searched through the house and grabbing a flashlight went out into the dog yard. It was dark and snowing heavily. As I stood there shinning the light into every corner, I thought I heard a tiny cry. And there it was – a newborn puppy lying in the snow.

Haze was having her puppies a week early! Where was she? As I shined the light around the yard I hit on the new deck with an opening still under the steps and I knew where she was. Sure enough I found her 15 feet back under the deck. And when I got up on the deck over her I could hear puppies crying.

How was I going to get them and her out of there? The puppies would die of cold if I didn’t get them out quickly. So I called my police department not even knowing if they would come out for a dog and explained the situation.

Within 15 minutes two officers showed up. These two men, Matthew Poulicakos and Kurt Thompson, sized up the situation quickly. They took off a panel under the deck and while one held a flashlight the other crawled under the deck, moving a stressed mom who had placed herself between this strange man and her puppies, and brought out two shivering, wet puppies.

Although the frightened dog could have bitten him, he didn’t hesitate. Those puppies and the two born inside later would have died if not for these two caring police officers. I can’t thank them enough.

Bad always makes the news while good deeds are ignored.

Fraya Katz