Board gets it wrong by nixing Brookline sidewalk project

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the three Selectboard members who shamelessly gave Brookline residents the finger by surreptitiously cancelling the “TAP-2” sidewalk project overwhelmingly approved by the taxpayers they’re supposed to represent. They may have cost the town $580,000 in free grant money, but they saved us a whopping $145.000 (about $29/resident)! Great work guys!

Using their far superior judgment, they decided we Brookline residents are simply too stupid to decide how to spend our tax dollars wisely. These three brilliant board members weren’t fooled by the tempting prospect of getting something many townspeople would enjoy for only 20 percent of the actual cost (if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t).

My special congratulations to board member Valerie Ogden who bravely saved us from our collective lack of esthetics. She made it clear we town residents are not only too stupid to decide how to spend our tax dollars, but we also lack the esthetic judgement to see that constructing more ugly sidewalks will destroy the beautiful rural character of Brookline. According to the Nashua Telegraph (6/21/17), Ogden said she moved to Brookline because of its rural character and said the town is at risk of losing that aspect of itself. Perhaps Ms. Ogden thinks we should drastically cut our road agent’s budget – it would save taxpayers a lot of money and the deteriorating roads would enhance the rural character of Brookline.

I urge these three board members to run for re-election using the campaign slogan, “We promise to use our far superior judgment to undo any stupid decisions residents make at town meeting.” Let’s see if Brookline residents are stupid enough to re-elect any of the three.

Carmen Yarrusso