‘Un-American’ to let Affordable Care Act fail

To the Editor:

We’ve reached a new low.

Letting the ACA fail is not a strategy, it’s a temper tantrum. And it’s un-American.

We’ve always been about innovation, solving problems and reaching creative compromises. We’ve often failed, but it’s unusual to just give up, take our ball and go home. The GOP shot out the tires of the ACA with fear, uncertainty and doubt, and then claimed it didn’t handle well, when all they really needed to do was tune the engine.

We depended on the ACA for health insurance for over two years after my retirement, a retirement following almost 40 years of work, paying taxes, voting and volunteering. (I still do everything on the list except work.) And the policy I got through the ACA was cheaper than the one I could have obtained via COBRA.

I’m lucky. I got to retire on my terms. I keep thinking of the people helped by expanded Medicaid – the sick, the disabled, the elderly and most of all, the children. They aren’t slackers, they’re people on the edge of society. The president’s statements are cynical, arrogant and reveal his disdain for the American people.

Ron Brown