Thank you to Old Home Days organizers, attendees

To the Editor:

Hi, I’m Sofia of Sofia’s Traveling Zoo. I first want to thank the Old Home Days committee for once again allowing me to present my animals at Old Home Days this year and for giving me double the space. A number of people told me mine was one of the busiest booths at OHD, which is fantastic! Secondly, I want to let parents know that the children who came to my booth were so incredibly polite. It’s so nice to see children respectful and well-mannered. One of my passions is sharing my animals and animal facts with children of all ages. I thank all who made this happen. Thank you, also, to all who donated to my cause. It’s greatly appreciated.

Finally, to all who came by my booth and were concerned for Delta, my Mali Uromastyx, who decided he was NOT interested in being seen this year, I’m happy to say that he is doing just fabulous. He came out of his pagoda just in time to be brought home.

Hopefully next year he’ll be his happy, curious self and entertain you all. I look forward to seeing you at OHD 2018.

Thanks again,